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Can part time or voluntary work really help you land a permanent job?

Posted in Candidates on Jan 13, 2013 by Rejuvenate Productions

Labour recently proposed to offer the long-term unemployed a guaranteed six-month job placement to help them in their return to work. Whilst this may be a purely hypothetical scenario as Labour are in opposition it does beg the question; does voluntary or part-time work really increase your prospects of permanent employment as a job hunter?


It’s a hard decision to make, do you stay at home searching for your ideal job or should you take even temporary or contract jobs as a route back into long term employment?


Depending on your personal circumstances, you should certainly look at all the available options when searching for a new job. Holding out for your “ideal” job for an extended period of time, could find you freezing yourself out of the employment market.


Regardless of hypothetical employment stimulus plans, it is wise to consider all types of employment during your job search.


Not just permanent jobs but short-term, temporary, contract, interim, and even part-time jobs are valuable opportunities. You can continue your job search whilst working but you will have the added benefit of gaining further experience and perhaps even new skills which could change your career path in an unexpected way.


An interim or temporary position allows you to make new contacts and will give both you and the employer an opportunity to size each other up with the possibility of a permanent position later and if you don’t feel the role is right for you, you will still have gained valuable experience.


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